BIO-key VST Code

Vector Segment Technology™ (VST) is a highly accurate, scalable, NIST-tested fingerprint-based biometric identification solution. In independent testing performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), VST demonstrated top performance in key accuracy metrics among commercially available products. Supporting actual large-scale implementations around the world, VST with Intelligent Image Indexing™ is storing and matching against over 100 million real fingerprint templates accurately and rapidly every day. Additionally, only VST supports devices from every major fingerprint reader manufacturer and provides complete reader interoperability, so you can deploy devices that are best suited for the specific environments they're used in.

Also during NIST fingerprint testing, VST achieved a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) order of magnitude lower than the benchmark. VST also achieved one of the lowest False Reject Rate (FRR) of any tested commercial product - a key consideration in any system where incorrectly denied access results in denied services as well as user inconvenience.

VST provides support for FBI, NIST, ANSI BioAPI and ISO fingerprint standards. Fingerprint templates can be generated in an open format for use by another fingerprint biometrics vendor at any time, giving investment protection for you and your customers.

VST's versatile server-centric architecture, makes it easily adaptable to highly customized applications. VST's software development kit (SDK) provides all the tools you need to incorporate authentication at any point in the workflow of virtually any new or existing application. The SDK includes libraries, application program interfaces, device drivers and sample code,enabling rapid integration of fingerprint image capture, quality check, and fingerprint template extraction in various formats. Additionally, SDK provides customizable routines for fingerprint template storing, and fast and accurate one-to-one and one-to-many matching. The SDK includes optional user interface applets that make enrollment and authentication simple and convenient by providing visual feedback during the capture process. Customers have complete control over the user interface, so users never perceive it as a separate system.


Key Benefits

  • Accurate, fast and reliable identification
  • Convenient for users friendly
  • Easy integration with work-flow
  • Lowest cost biometric solution available on the market
  • Intuitive graphical interface for quick, easy enrollment and authentication
  • Unique, patented, multi-layer fingerprint image enhancement filters guarantee both low false match and false reject rates
  • Capable of storing hundreds of millions of fingerprints and handling a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous authentication requests
  • Supports plain, rolled and latent fingerprints
  • Capable of effectively processing extra small fingerprints

Standards Support

  • NIST-validated, ANSI/ INCITS fingerprint standard support
  • INCITS 378 and 381
  • ISO 19794-2 and 19794-4
  • WSQ compression
  • NFIQ Quality
  • FIPS 201 (GSA-APL) Ap- proved
  • Interoperable between ISO and INCITS templates
  • EFT file formats
  • Standard image input file formats including BMP, RAW, and WSQ


  • Independently validated and verified by MINEX, PFT and FpVTE tests conducted by NIST, which showed it to be among top ranked one-to-one and one-to-many fingerprint identification algorithms
  • NIST-validated, AFIS-grade fingerprint algorithms
  • Highest independently- tested and verified NIST scores for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy
  • Scalable to user populations of any size and in any number of locations
  • Plug-and-play support for virtually all fingerprint readers from every major manufacturer
  • Reader interoperability, so a user can enroll on one device and authenticate on any other device in any authorized location
  • Ongoing support from a partner with 20 years of biometric experience

Supported Environments

  • .NET, C, C++, VB, and Java

Additional Environments

  • PowerBuilder & Cold Fusion have also been supported in specific implementations