BIO-key ID Director Code
BIO-key ID Director

BIO-key’s ID Director fingerprint authentication software is customized to deliver one-touch biometric authentication in your native environment without the burden of a cumbersome or intricate integration. Currently, BIO-key ID Directors are available for healthcare EHR platforms, IAM platforms and Windows 10 – Active Directory.

With ID Director customers can use any approved device—workstation, laptop, or tablet—and they can be authenticated across any secure network from any approved location, even from home. Our fingerprint authentication software can strengthen security, fully address regulatory requirements for advanced authentication, and improve user satisfaction and workflow.

Currently Available

ID Director for Windows

ID Director for IBM ESSO

ID Director for Oracle Single-Sign-On

ID Director for Epic

ID Director for Allscripts

Convenience: Eliminate cumbersome passwords, card swipes and waiting for OTP’s and PIN’s.

Productivity: Streamlines workflow efficiency, giving doctors and staff more time for patient care

Greater Security: Protects patient and staff data, and provides an indisputable audit trail of all actions

Key Features

  • Easy integration creates non-intrusive plug and play biometric authentication
  • Intuitive graphical interface for quick and easy enrollment and sign-in
  • Unique 40+ level fingerprint image enhancement filters guaranteeing both low false match and false reject rates
  • Multi-layer, triple encryption to prevent fraudulent capture or replay of fingerprint data


  • Highest independently tested and verified NIST scores for fingerprint identification speed and accuracy
  • Pre-integration with multiple IAM platforms for risk-free implementation
  • For healthcare customers - full compliance with DEA two-factor requirements and approved by State Board of Pharmacy
  • Integrated with 30+ fingerprint readers representative most every major manufacturer
  • Reader interoperability so a user can enroll on one device and authenticate on any other device or reader in any authorized location or facility

Supported Environments

  • Servers
    Windows Server 2003 or greater and SQL Server 2005 or greater
  • App Servers
    Apache TomCat, JBoss, IIS, WebLogic, Cold Fusion, and many more