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BIO-key EcoID
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EcoID is a high-quality, compact, USB fingerprint reader that was developed to provide customers and organizations with an affordable option to address their hardware requirements when integrating fingerprint biometric authentication to their login processes to enhance security while improving workflow by replacing slower, less secure sign-on methods.

EcoID operates on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 with a USB port enabling customers to utilize Windows Hello and Passport biometric login platforms. Additionally, BIO-key's EcoID is one of the only scanner devices on the market today to pass Microsoft's rigorous accuracy and security testing qualification process allowing it to proudly bear the Microsoft Hello-Ready mark.

With EcoID, enrollment takes just a few minutes and once enrolled, customers can use the fingerprint scanner on any device to achieve fast authentication by replacing outdated passwords using the simple, yet significant, "Power of a Touch."

*Please note that this product is not compatible with Apple products.

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Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for desktops and workstations with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • EcoID comes with a 3-foot microUSB cable
  • Microsoft-tested and qualified for Windows Hello
  • Fingerprint biometric sign-in for Windows Hello
  • Durable design for commercial use
  • Cost efficient alternative to expensive readers
  • Authenticate to a device or server
  • Enhance security and convenience in one
  • Works with BIO-key Authentication for Active Directory

  • EcoID Enrollment Tutorial