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BIO-key embraces a partner sales and support model. Together will leading integrators, single sign-on providers and electronic health records companies, BIO-key serves a broad scope of customers including in financial services, healthcare, education, retail, and the Fortune 500. 


BIO-key also welcomes the opportunity to develop OEM relationships with companies that are seeking to add a strong layer of biometric security into their existing platform, products or services.

Several market leaders’ OEM BIO-key technology including NCR and OmniCell. NCR, has incorporated BIO-key directly into thousands of P.O.S. systems throughout fast food franchises such as Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King and Arby’s.

BIO-key increases security, improves workflow while enhancing the overall user experience.

Omnicell uses BIO-key to protect access to their medication dispensing cabinets, which can be found on the floors of thousands of hospitals. Doctors and nurses use one touch fingerprint authentication to withdraw patient’s medications safely and securely.

BIO-key software is interoperable and supports multiple platforms, multiple devices and is integrated with more than thirty fingerprint readers on the market today.

We offer our partners best in class support throughout the entire integration process and throughout the term of the customer relationship.

Accuvant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Allscripts Aventura
Avnet CA
Caradigm CAS Severn
Dux Diligens Epic
Futronic Healthcare-ID
HealthCast IAM PLUS / IAM+
ILantus InterDigital
IntiGrow Lighthouse Computer Services
Lumidigm MAC Source
Medflow Meridian IT
Microsoft My Life Plan
Palmetto Security Group Pathmaker Group
Persistent Pontis Research
Prolifics SafeNet
SecuGen SecurIT
Simeo Sirius
Software House International Wolcott Group
BIO-key provides healthcare organizations with strong online security, improved workflow and ultimate end user convenience through our NIST tested fully interoperable software and FIPS compliant fingerprint readers. Our solutions are trusted by leading healthcare organizations to protect access to patient records, access to medications (OmniCell) and to provide the most efficient and compliant two-factor authentication solution for EPCS. BIO-key technologies meet the regulatory standards of the DEA and State Board of Pharmacy.

Partial Customer List

Cleveland Clinic

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Dayton Children's Hospital

Genesis Health Systems

Robinson Memorial

Holzer Health Systems

RWJ Barnabas Health

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center

BIO-key provides our financial service customers with a layer of strong online user authentication. Highly regulated industries such as banks, trust BIO-key’s fast and accurate fingerprint biometric software to protect access to customer records and to minimize risk of cyber security threats.

Security is a primary focus for every industry, especially today. BIO-key’s NIST tested software helps banks establish a trusted online environment, protecting the bank’s assets from rogue employees and fraudulent infiltrations.

BIO-key also provides strong remote security for ATM machines. Banks and their customers have learned that fingerprint biometric authentication is ideal for processing ATM transactions in a secure and timely manner.

BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric technology offers schools and universities the ability to take classroom attendance, secure lunch programs, secure bookstore purchases and secure the identity of remote online classes and tests.

Together with our strategic education integration partners BIO-key can deliver an easy to install and easy to use fingerprint biometric sign-in authentication solution for your school.

BIO-key already offers seamless one touch sign-in by using one of our compact fingerprint readers and Windows Hello.

Imagine if you could offer your students one touch attendance, one touch lunch payments, one touch library check in and out and one touch access to courses, tests and grades?

Stop imagining and contact BIO-key today.

In 2009 the FBI selected BIO-key to support the organizations efforts to build and manage a biometric fingerprint database that would exceed 200 million prints. BIO-key was the only biometric software developer capable of meeting the stringent security and performance requirements for the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system.

BIO-key’s NIST tested, award winning software is the biometric authentication platform that’s trusted by the FBI, US Courts and international government agencies, including Nigeria, where we provide a layer of biometric authentication to support the country’s national SIM card program.

BIO-key software is interoperable supporting multiple platforms, most devices and over 35 different fingerprint readers. Government agencies turn to BIO-key to increase security, enhance workflow, meet compliance requirements and reduce risk.

Contact us today to schedule a consultative discussion with one of our experts in the area of government support.

BIO-key provides leading retailers with several tiers of biometric security. Most notably BIO-key is the trusted fingerprint biometric technology of NCR and supports thousands of the company's P.O.S systems throughout Dunkin Donuts, Burger King and Arby’s franchises.

AT&T is also one of our customers and uses our technology to enroll customers for faster, more secure transactions. Retailers face many key security challenges including employee turnover, rogue employees, exposure of customer’s personal data and fraudsters attempting credit card or identity theft.

Adding a strong layer of fingerprint biometric authentication which not only provides assured identity but also provides a time stamp of each transaction dissuades those with bad intentions.