December 29th, 2016

CES 2017

When something is intriguing enough to attract 180,000 people from all over the world there must be something to it. Take a moment to think about the town that you grew up in and ask yourself what the population was? In my case the answer is 26,000, then imagine “everyone” in town attending the 4th of July barbeque? It would be insane. Next, picture making 180,000 hamburgers for a much larger audience which is what CES is expecting this year. A task even too large for White Castle.

Let’s continue to let our minds wander and say that you’re in charge of positively identifying the 180,000 individuals at this year’s CES event. After weighing the options, you decide the best way to do this is to assign a unique password to each participant 30 days prior to the event. You notify attendees that they must maintain this password to enter the event or attend any sessions.

But here’s what happens…12% claim they never received their password, 26% forgot their password, 3% had their passwords compromised, 9% locked themselves out because they entered the wrong password more than three times. The good news is more than half the audience remembered their proper password, so you only must reset passwords for roughly 85,000 participants! It’s a good thing you didn’t elect to use ID cards because your expenses would have increased and replacing the cards could be a timely and tedious process.

There must be a better solution and at BIO-key we firmly believe that the answer has always been right at our fingertips. That’s right, there’s a mobile, durable, unique and free of charge solution that we’re all quite aware of…it’s called your fingerprint.

BIO-key will be exhibiting our fingerprint biometric products that offer consumers a unique value proposition. There’s the obvious benefit that comes with using biometric technology, which is increased privacy and security. That’s right, today, enterprise level security is readily accessible for consumers to easily protect their online personal and business assets. The demand for strong security and a heightened level of privacy is all relative to our hyper reliance on smartphones, tablets and laptops which often contain much more than a few insignificant photos or documents. For many of us our smart devices have become personal filing cabinets of critical – sensitive documents and a lifetime of images. Simultaneously, we’re overwhelmed by the number of passwords that we are required to remember, maintain and update to protect our files, folders and applications.

Fingerprint biometric technology certainly addresses the privacy – security issue, but it’s the unparalleled convenience delivered by the technology that has consumers embracing all types of devices that leverage their biometric. Whether it’s to open a door or a cash draw, or ID at the gym, consumers are experiencing the power of a touch. Consider how many millions, access their phone using their fingerprint? Ask yourself “Why did Microsoft include fingerprint sign-in with the launch of Windows 10; a product that is forecast to serve an audience of over one billion?” Because of the power of a touch!

At CES BIO-key will be showing off our line of biometric technology products that make customers say “Wow” and “How did I live without this?” We are unveiling additions to our line of compact fingerprint readers for Windows, including introducing a wearable reader. We have good news for Android users because we’ll be presenting a micro USB reader for the Android platform at an MSRP of $39.99.

Possibly the most exciting announcement might be BIO-key’s new line of biometric padlocks. The company will be debuting a series of colorful biometric padlocks that are enabled by the power of a touch. Additionally, BIO-key will introduce a Bluetooth enabled padlock, protected by an app that is accessed using the owners biometric.

Again, as we reflect on the initial challenge we proposed which was to ID 180,000 individuals, one can better understand how and why fingerprint biometric technology will emerge as the unsung champion of personal security and convenience. Who would have imagined that a technology that’s existed and been underutilized for decades would emerge as the master key for security and the deliverer of optimum convenience? At BIO-key we call it the “Power of a Touch”.

Stop by Tech East – Westgate and visit booth us at booth #2317.

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Scott Mahnken
VP Marketing