March 17th, 2017

Meet the “Biometric of Things” or BoT

BIO-key is creating a new category called the Biometric of Things (BoT).

A few years ago, the company exited the business of providing biometric technology for law enforcement to focus on the broader enterprise business opportunity. That’s right, long before Apple embedded a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone, BIO-key envisioned a world where both the enterprise and consumers would find practical applications for fingerprint technology.

Our commitment to developing BoT started with introducing the company’s core software platform WEB-key, a biometrically based authentication engine designed to protect access to online programs and applications. BIO-key engineers developed WEB-key to be flexible – supporting multiple modes of authentication and interoperable – allowing the software to perform on most any device or operating system.

In 2015, BIO-key introduced a line of compact fingerprint readers that have been tested and qualified for Windows Hello™. SideSwipe, SideTouch and EcoID all operate seamlessly with Windows. Users take just a minute to enroll and then can replace their password or PIN with one-touch biometric sign-in. The readers are affordably priced ($39.99 USD) and are available through many online retailers including Amazon, Dell, Microsoft and others.

BIO-key compact fingerprint readers for Windows address the ongoing battle with password fatigue, as we all have far too many passwords to manage and remember. Password resets have become a deterrent and nuisance to the online experience.

Recently, BIO-key began marketing a biometric software authentication solution for enterprise customers seeking to win the battle with password management for Active Directory. Recognizing just how disruptive password resets are to organizational workflow, BIO-key’s ID Director provides companies with an easy and affordable way to integrate biometric authentication and reduce their reliance on passwords.

Furthering the development of BoT at CES 2017, BIO-key introduced a revolutionary break-out product that was recognized as a “Top Product” at the event. TouchLock and its sister products introduced consumers to a series of one of a kind biometrically enabled padlocks. The biometric locks where met with astonishment and bewilderment as visitor after visitor was marveled by the technology. There were clear indications that there is a market for a padlock that doesn’t require a key or combination. One of the reasons the locks were received with such enthusiasm are the limitless use cases from protecting luggage, to bicycles, to cabinets, to sheds and on and on. Although many stated their preference for different use cases, one thing was clear, they all found a purpose for the locks. TouchLock BLE advances the technology even further by incorporating Bluetooth technology. TouchLock BLE can be opened by the customer’s smartphone.

What’s next for BoT and BIO-key?

Take a look around, what everyday products might benefit from adding fingerprint technology? How about your car or your energy system at home? It’s likely that BoT and the Internet of Things (IoT) will work in harmony; after all it’s about convenience. Yet, as IoT expands our capabilities, doesn’t it also open us up to risk? That’s why fingerprint technology is emerging as a global identifier – it’s secure and convenient, the best of both worlds.