September 20th, 2016

Biometrics or Bust

Biometrics or Bust

Is there an alternative?

It’s now apparent to virtually every organization as they evaluate the future of their cyber security platforms. biometric technology is something that they need to consider as they try to control the revolution at the gate. So, as more and more IT professionals delve into the world of biometric solutions should they be ignoring traditional or other forms of authentication? In other words, is the answer to tomorrows security platforms Biometrics or Bust?

Even though BIO-key has been developing and touting biometric technology solutions since 1993 we would be the first to proclaim that “No, biometrics or bust is not the way to go in many cases.” This all points back to the primary challenge most technology companies face which is educating the marketplace. You see there are some use cases where you can go biometric or bust, for example a gym membership might be able to rely on biometrics for member check-in because the fingerprint reader would always be available at the front desk and even if something went wrong in the moment, the consequences would be minimal.

But it’s clear that highly regulated industries need multiple factors of authentication, therefore it cannot be biometrics or bust, prox cards or bust, PINs or bust or passwords or bust. The simple fact remains that in many use cases multiple modes of authentication must play well together. Like tennis players playing a pairs match, one must be able to rely on the other and vice versa.

Actually, fingerprint biometric technology is the ideal solution as a two-factor option. Why?

There are many reasons why fingerprint is the ideal partner authentication solution. Cost is certainly a primary reason as hardware and software costs have reduced dramatically thanks to products like SideSwipe. Second would be convenience, nothing to remember or carry, nothing to replace and you can ID in less than a second. And let us not discount one of the biggest drivers which is security. Fingerprint is the most secure for of biometric authentication and has been a proven technology for decades.

When Mira LaCous, BIO-key’s Chief Technology Officer developed WEB-key, she specifically developed a flexible software authentication engine that could support, knowledge based – challenge response questions, proximity cards, PIN’s and passwords. Mira and her development team knew that customers would require security that didn’t pigeonhole the technology and methodology. WEB-key allows customers to adapt to different environments and conditions, yet offers several options for strong user authentication.

Thus although BIO-key takes great pride in being recognized as one of the world’s leading developers of fingerprint biometric technology, we recognize that is not our only mission. We stand tall to maintain our commitment to “Revolutionizing Authentication” not promoting biometrics or bust.