February 22nd, 2017

Frost & Sullivan is predicting a significant boom of biometrics in the automotive industry

In a statement announcing its new report, “Biometrics in the Global Automotive Industry, 2016-2025,” the company asserts that advancing biometric technology “will radically transform the driving experience, Health Wellness and Wellbeing (HWW), and security of vehicles by 2025.”

When I came across this recent announcement from Frost &Sullivan I could not help but smile. Why you ask? Because for the past 30+ years I have heard my wife ask the same question over and over; thus I genuinely can’t wait for the day she doesn’t have to ask “Honey, do you know where my car keys are?”

For those of us that have spent a few years in the biometric industry, we’ve had to endure through the slow adoption of enterprise / commercial utilization. Yet, thanks to Frost & Sullivan, we learn that auto manufacturing is just another industry identifying ways to embrace and benefit from biometric technology. Frost & Sullivan projects that biometric wearables will be in one of three cars by 2025. These wearables will have the ability to monitor health issues such as epilepsy and drowsiness.

We’ll all benefit from these advances. After all, why not use our biometric to lock our vehicles? Why not use our biometric to start our vehicles and why not use our biometrics to monitor our health and safety while driving? It all makes sense!

Slowly but surely biometric technology is expanding its utilization footprint. The technology is advancing far beyond its historic role in law enforcement. Leading device manufacturers and technology developers are making it a point to include biometric solutions within their new product offerings. Today, you can find fingerprint sensors on smartphones, laptops, padlocks, entry portals, and now cars. But the roadmap doesn’t stop here, biometric technology is soon to be everywhere.

If your organization has a biometric blind-spot, then you are not prepared to operate in the safer, more secure and more convenient interoperable world ahead.

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